Bet-at-Home Mobile Casino Review

Today, mobile gaming has become so popular that proliferated and is becoming a point where people are beginning to refer to it as just playing. With these changing patterns affecting online casinos now more than ever, it is absolutely vital that operators make large investments to supplement your primary website that offers a perfect compatible mobile application. For this review, I’ll be putting the casino bet-at-home mobile tested for whether or not this operator deserves top billing or should be left by the wayside.


Bet-at-Home Mobile Casino

I will focus primarily on the selection of games (quantity and quality), before moving to the aesthetic experience and play mobile casino game. Finally, I will end up see if any specific mobile bonuses and what payment methods are available if you want to make a deposit or withdrawal through your phone. When you finish reading this review, you can access the application at home bet casino via the QR code above. So, without further ado, let’s kick this off with some aspects of mobile casinos that I found particularly important.



  • Visit Bet-at-home official website. The website restricted to certain countries. If you can not access the site, add extensions as your browser Hello. Once inserted, set the direction of navigation to Germany or France.
  • Click “Register now!” On the home page of the web site click on the “User?” button at the top right corner of the screen.
  • The website may display a foreign language. Click the language selection button located on the bottom right of the screen. It is possible to translate the language of the site to your preferences.
  • Fill out the registration form. After clicking to the “User?” button, the website will redirect you to the next screen. The display will show redirected to the registration form. Fill out the form with your details.
  • Once done, click the green “Register now!” button on the right side of the screen to complete the registration process.


Important Details About the Bet-at-Home Casino App

Breakdown of the Mobile Games Selection

If you play through downloadable applications or through optimized mobile web app, you have access to more than 80 mobile casino games bet-at-home. While this may seem relatively small compared to some of the biggest players out there, for me, it is all about quality. After all, what’s the point of having a bazillion slot games if you just always play the same five or ten again and again? This is where the association of software industry giant operator NetEnt, really comes into play. Through the mobile casino bet at home, you can have favorite player Starburst, Bloodsuckers 2 and hit Planet of the Apes video slot game. Not to mention you can rock out with the most popular rock bands Guns N ‘Roses and Motorhead. There are about 60 video slot games to choose from. Just enough to keep you going without drowning with too many options. Those of you who struggle to pick something to do with Netflix know what I mean.

Bet casino application home also features a variety of live gaming options for you to choose from. Currently only offer games of blackjack and roulette, but many different variants are offered. Live games are also provided by NetEnt that is, you are guaranteed a gaming experience of high quality. A potential disadvantage is that the mobile application only has access to a board game based casino software, which is the touch wheel. I’m sure this will not be a problem for many people, however, because people interact more live games, to the less I seem to care about software-based games.


These days, it is not uncommon for casinos to run mobile applications just to say you have one with very little effort into them. If I decide to play at a particular casino, I hope the same quality and quantity, regardless of the opto device to play. It is clear to me that the team mobile app bet-at-home has devoted a lot of time considered in the development of an application that complements your main website.

Website review – Design and Layouts

Unlike other websites betting and gaming, Bet-at-home site is plain and simple. It does not have much design, and its design follows the standard format of other websites. It may not be as attractive as any other website, but its simplicity makes it very understandable and easy to use. Users can quickly learn how to navigate around and jump from one page to another. Unlike other websites with complicated designs, which makes navigation easier and faster for all users. In Bet-at-home, users would not have to take much of your time to find out how the website works. In addition, the site is available in many different languages, so users from different countries can navigate through each page of the web site without problems.


bet at home website review

Sports Betting

Bet-at-home has a lot of sports bid for betting. No exaggeration, but this betting and gaming company offers almost all kinds of competitions around the world, with the exception of horse n racing.Originally built as a sports betting company, stands bet-at-home best sports betting. In football leagues, the company offers not only traditional markets head to head, and overall long term goal but also a wide range of exotic games for each match. The menus are wide-ranging, as well as a part time, full time, and options final score. That was just for football, and there are already a ton amount of words to describe a single sport. Bet-at-home has a lot of sporting events as well as a wide range of betting and gaming options to offer.Bet home has one of the most extensive lists of sports betting markets in the industry. The company covers more than 600 football markets worldwide, including the English Premier League and Champions League.As a corridor of smaller bets, Bet-at-home offers only average odds of the market. However, they provide individual probabilities and increases prices.


User Interface and Experience

In order to meet growing demand from users for mobile casinos, bet-at-home has cleverly developed a web application that is optimized for a mobile web browser and creating dedicated mobile applications. This means that any mobile user will be met, no matter what preference they have for their games. One thing you notice when you open the application mobile casino bet-at-home is that it is much more visual than the main website. Unnecessary text has been stripped away, giving greater importance to the main focus of any online casino: the games! Users will be able to scroll up and access games, and live video slots. There is also a menu with the option of switching languages, contact the support team and read the terms and conditions.

The main menu gives the user the option to register an account if it is a first time visitor, while also showing the different methods of payment accepted by the operator. The games themselves are showing a format shop window tile, so it is very easy to scroll up and down on the phone and see what is available. However, I think it’s fair to say that the effort invested in the production of casino betting application at home has really paid off.


Mobile bonds

Currently, there are no added premiums for mobile casino bet-at-home that are specific for players who want to play exclusively on-the-go. That said, all mobile users can access and use the primary bonus offer available through the main website. For more information about bond supply the operator can withdraw my original review casino bonus bet-at-home. If you are looking for a casino that offers bonuses specific to mobile users, I recommend NetBet Casino, offering two bonuses a week specifically for mobile gamers.

What payments are available via Mobile?

I am happy to report that all methods of payment in the main web site operator are also available through the mobile application bet-at-home. This is not always common, even among the largest operators, so I’m very happy with this inclusion. Players can use selected payment methods such as credit cards, electronic wallets like Neteller and Moneybookers and Paysafecard. Unfortunately, bet-at-home is not yet a PayPal casino. In general, however, this is still a very good choice and means you do not have to wait until you’re home and can get your laptop before making a deposit.


Downloads and minimum system requirements

Mobile casino bet-at-home is accessible through a mobile application optimized Web as well as a dedicated application that comes with your phone. Applications are available through both the Apple App Store and Android. The application is not available in the Google Play store due to the limitation of gambling, but you can download the application directly from the web site operator. Currently, the Blackberry phones are not supported. The web application is built using Flash, so make sure you have enabled this when you want to play. Many online applications are built using flash these days, chances are you have already activated anyway.

OSMinimum RequirementDownload SizeDownload fromWeb App
.AndroidAndroid 5.0 or later52.5 MBBet-at-Home WebsiteAvailable
.iOSiOS 8.0 or later49.3 MBiTunes App StoreAvailable

In addition to Flash, also you need to ensure that their devices have the software up-to-date. IOS, version 9.3 or higher and Android version 5.0 or higher. I recommend you keep your updated with the latest software patches device since they usually make applications run faster, but also add layers of protection.


Final Conclusion

Applying casino bet-at-home has been successful in most of my criteria. In particular, the emphasis on making the casino is accessible as possible for users who want to play on your mobile. The mobile casino is accessible through dedicated mobile applications and web application optimized for mobile web browsers. The user interface is smooth and easy to use and strips away a lot of the unnecessary burden of text you find on most casino websites. This visual approach enables games operators have precedence, which in the end and at Cape is what we are there for. Bet-at-home also made their live games available for mobile which is another big advantage.

To the As with any operator, there will always be some areas for improvement. It would be nice to see some more games added to the selection of mobile games in the future. While the 60 games offered by the casino bet-at-home mobile app is still pretty decent in today’s market, pales in comparison to the more than 300 games offered by the rival competitor implementation of the LeoVegas – My favorite casino mobile. For more information about mobile casino scene in the UK, you can check out my guide to the best mobile casinos in the UK today.